Reina Yacabell

Certified Raw Vegan Chef, Plant-based Nutrition Coach, Health Forward Menu Designer & Detox Consultant.


After training as a Bodywork Practitioner in 2005 she decided to continue studying and living a Wholistic Lifestyle. Realizing how much food affected those she worked with  - she found herself in her healing kitchen laboratory  instead of the spa trying to help from people the inside.  She now provides plant-based meals, juice cleanses, and guidance to sustain healthy habits. She creates sensational dishes to ignite inspired action in her clients and community to recognize eating plant-based - either to cleanse or as a lifestyle - while living in conscious connection with their bodies is a tool to self sovereignty. Her program is designed to help you attune your relationship with wellness while eating plant based. 



Consultation with Reina will set you on your way to a healthier relationship with food and your body.


Do you desire to lose or gain weight, to cleanse, improve your health from a specific imbalance, or to transition into a plant-based lifestyle?

Reina will design a practical meal plan and give you tools for success in realizing your optimal health. Together you will assess your past and current nutrition habits as well as your future goals. After this consultation Reina will continue to accompany you through the process of integration by phone or in-person sessions. With this integration Reina may make adjustments as needed to keep you motivated and focused in attaining your goals in the timeline agreed upon. 

Reina will develop recipes that fit your lifestyle and taste which contain the right amount of calories and nutrients needed. If a liquid cleanse is desired you will be provided with juice recipes, directions, schedule, accompanied herb recommendation, and tips for optimal success. 

Currently Reina provides private chef services to various clients while developing Pop Up menus to test her new recipes in Miami. She is dedicated to heal the world through the connection with food, our bodies and the earth. She spreads awareness of our food sources, waste, and the effects that food industrialization has on humanity. She hopes to inspire empowerment, wellness & healthy habits. 

She also shares ideas of healthy food in a way that people enjoy the delicious aspects of nature. Through this experience she invites people to appreciate feeling the benefits of their health.


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